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Using Doubleclick Pixel impression tracking with M4W AdSpaces

Question: How can I use the Ads 4 WiFi and Marketing 4 WiFi platforms to serve a campaign utilizing Doubleclick pixel for external impression counting?

Answer: Utilizing the Ads4WiFi HTML Code banner type you can serve the desired content of an advertising campaign as well as the supplied impression tracking code from an external provider like Google Doubleclick with Pixel tracking for Marketing 4 WiFi preauthentication AdSpaces. The Marketing 4 WiFi hardware configuration must contain a wildcarded doubleclick.net entry in the walled garden(pre auth ACL). The configuration requires several steps that have been outlined below including additional steps necessary to support Marketing 4 WiFi AdSpaces.

  1. Create an Campaign with a generic name that will be used to contain the image banners for your doubleclick campaigns. Do not link this campaign to an AdSpace.
  2. Create an image banner under the campaign created in step 1 using the desired marketing material for the upload.
  3. On the Banner list click the ‘View’ button for the banner created in step 3.
  4. Right click the image and select ‘copy image location’. Save this for later.
  5. Create the AdSpace that you want to contain your Pixel tracked campaign.
  6. Create the Campaign for your Pixel tracked campaign and link it to the AdSpace from step 3.
  7. Create an HTML code banner under the Campaign created in step 6.
    1. For the HTML code section you can use the example provided here pasting your own image location from step 4 and your own Doubleclick Pixel code below it.
    2. You may need to adjust the width and height of the Ads4WiFi content depending on configured size of the AdSpace created in Step 5.
  8. Login to your Marketing 4 WiFi dashboard that has been connected to the Ads4WiFi platform.
  9. Use the Drag and Drop builder to place the AdSpace from step 5 onto a splash page.
  10. Use the ‘View Splash Page’ option on the edit hotspot page for a hotspot that has this splash page assigned to it to preview your finished work.

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Updated on August 13, 2021
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