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Landing pages are stand alone sites that can be branded to fit your needs. Landing pages are typically used as the final thing guests see after they connect and login to your hotspots. Once the content has been added to a landing page you can add AdSpaces to allow Advertisers to control the advertisements they serve on your landing page.

The Landing pages list will display all landing pages under your dashboard. You can add new Landing Pages using the Add Landing Page button. A Title is required and you must add content using the Template Builder before you will be able successfully Submit the page.

Template Builder

The Template Builder is an simple way to create great looking landing pages your guests will see after they’ve accessed your Guest WiFi. Easy to use and feature rich allowing you to create quality designs to represent your business. The template builder works on the idea of dragging content blocks onto a page from an element selector. The content block HTML can also be edited allowing for near limitless creative possibilities.

Click the arrow to the right to open the template and elemental selector. Use the pull-down menu to select the elements that you would like to include on your landing page. We offer a variety of elements and templates that can be used to start your content by simply drag the desired elements onto the landing page. You can edit any of the text and images in the editor area.

Adding AdSpaces to a Landing Page

If you have created AdSpaces under an landing page you have to add the AdSpace to a landing page before it will start presenting advertisements. There are two ways you can get apply an add AdSpaces to a landing page. Once active the AdSpaces will dynamically serve advertisements based on the campaigns linked to an AdSpace.

  1. Use the copy link and paste the merge key for an AdSpace into an existing content block.
  2. Use the Element Selector AdSpace’s section to drag an content block containing an AdSpace onto the landing page.

Please see the following articles about additional functionality of the Ads4WiFi Landing pages.

  1. Redirect Landing Pages
  2. App Store Redirect landing pages

Getting Started – Creating A Landing Page (Video)


If you’re experiencing issues with the spacing between Banners on your landing page try adjusting the font size used to call for the Banner. We’ve found font settings can affect padding automatically associated with the Banner generated.

Updated on May 14, 2021

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