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How to allow Ads4WiFi to broker ads on your landing pages

If you would like Ads4WiFi to sell advertisements on your location landing pages, then you will need to do  a couple of things.

These adspaces will NOT cost you anything – this is where WE PAY YOU back for allowing us to broker ads on your landing pages!

  1. Create Ads4WiFi AdSpaces (These are spaces that YOU designate to us to sell to advertisers).

Here’s how to create an Ads4WiFi Space:
On the Dashboard, go to “AdSpaces” and then “Add New” AdSpace:

1. Choose the Landing Page that these ads will appear on.
2. Choose “Inline Banner” as the AdSpace Type (Once we get some more data on the number of impressions etc then we will be contacting you to discuss other options).
3. Create a name for the AdSpace (This can be anything you’d like)
4. Choose “Medium Rectangle (300×250)”. Initially, this is the type of ad we will promote on your landing page(s).
5. Leave the number of linked campaigns “Unlimited”
6. Click the “Offer this Adspace to the Ads4WiFi Media Network”
7. Leave the minimum CPC and CPM as is. (We will contact you as we get more data to discuss increasing this.)
8. Click ‘Submit’.

Now, you’ll need to place the adspace key onto the landing page that these ads will be displayed on:
Go to the landing page you selected when creating the Adspace and click ‘Edit’

Then Edit the Template:

Then Choose the Adspace Key that you just created (Click on the Link Icon to copy it to your clipboard.)

Then Paste that Link in the body of the landing page when you will want the brokered ad to be displayed.

When you’re done, Save and Submit the changes to the page.


You should start seeing some placeholder ads start appearing within an hour or so. If not, please contact support@ads4wifi.com and tell them that your Ads4WiFI spaces are ready to activate.

Updated on May 23, 2019

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