The Hotspots menu item will allow you to create a catalog of all of your Hotspots or Hotzone locations. Entering information in this area is NOT mandatory to use Ads4WiFi BUT, it can be used for a number of purposes:

  1. It will make your hotspots/hotzones easily searchable by the Ads4WiFi staff so we can more easily broker advertising on your behalf. As an example, perhaps we get an insurance company that wants to advertise in all restaurants in a particular area. If you list your Hotspots then our brokerage staff can easily run a search on the locations with available Ads4WiFi media network Ad Spaces.
  2. It allows you to get a specific redirect URL for a particular Hotspot or Hotzone and you can easily re-assign the landing page that is delivered to the guests without the need to change the URL in your Social/Smart WiFi platform or on your equipment.

Adding a Hotspot/Hotzone:
There are 2 ways to add a Hotspot to the Dashboard. You can either manually type the venue information, or you can import a complete list.

To Import, click the ‘Import Hotspots’ button

Download the Hotspot Import Template by clicking on the ‘Download Excel Template’ button. Save the file to you local computer and open it in Excel. Fill in the details for each of the columns and save the file.

Upload the saved file by clicking on the ‘Choose File’ button. Select the file from your local computer and then press ‘Submit’.

Your Hotspot list should now show up in the list. You will want to edit EACH one to assign a specific landing page to each. You can use the URL within each Hotspot and paste the Redirect field in your Social/Smart WiFi platform or in you hardware.

To manually add, click the ‘Add Hotspot’ button

Select the Landing page that this venue will be redirected to. Don’t worry if you haven’t create a Landing page yet as you can come back in and Edit this field when you have a Landing Page setup. Fill in the additional information OR, you can just type the name of the venue in the map search area and select it and the venue details will be filled in automatically. You will need to select the categories and a unique name for each specific venue. Once you have this venue added, click ‘Submit’

Hotspot-Specific Redirect URL:
The ‘Copy URL’ button will copy a location-specific redirect URL for THIS hotspot to your clipboard. You CAN paste this url in your Social/Smart WiFi system or directly to your hardware settings area. Setting this up once is a time-saver and allows you to re-point the guests to different landing pages WITHOUT the need to change the redirect setting in your Social/Smart system or in your hardware.

Changing the Redirect:
To Change a landing page that a Hotspot venue points to, simply click ‘Edit’ on the Hotspot list. Then using the pull-down, select the new Landing Page that you’d like this Hotspot to redirect to. Click ‘Submit’. Now, the guests at this location will redirect to the new Landing Page.

Updated on May 23, 2019
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