Banners are the digital media elements (such as a banner image or a video file) that will be displayed to guests. Banners exist under a campaigns, campaigns are linked to AdSpaces, and AdSpaces can be displayed on Landing Pages, External Web Pages, or M4W Splash Pages.

Select Campaign: Select the Campaign this banner should be created for.

Banner Name: Assign a name to this Banner.

Select Size: Pick from any of the predefined sizes or use the Custom option to set your own dimensions.

Select Banner Type-

  • Image: Easily use an image for your banner by uploading the image using this setting.
    Note: There is a max size limit of 1mb on images files used for banners. Supported File types- jpg, jpeg, gif, and png
  • HTML Code: Allows Ads controlled by an external provider to be used within the Ads4WiFi banner.
    Note: This is not recommended for use on Marketing4WiFi splash pages as there would be additional walled garden entries required in the hardware configuration.
  • Video: Offer a video in your Adspace by using this setting.
    Note: For the best experience use MP4 files and there is a max size limit of 8mb on video files used for banners. Supported File types- mp4 and mov
  • Button Video: Presents a button that when pressed autoplays the uploaded video with volume.
    Note: This AdSpace does not use Destination URLs

Button Text: Customize the call to action button the Marketing4WiFi Splash page.
Note: The characters ? = & are not supported and can cause issues with displaying the button text.

Destination URL: Set where the user should be sent if they click on the Banner.

Weight: Suppose an advertiser gives you 3 different images and they want to have you display all 3 of them to determine which one is getting the highest click-through-rate. You can add 3 banners all assigned to the same campaign and assign them all the weght of 1. This means that as the campaign is running, the 3 images will be displayed an equal amount of times, all getting displayed 33.3% of the time. Perhaps the advertiser wants you to display one of the banners more frequently, then you would weight that particular banner higher than the other two banners. It would then be displayed more times than the others according to the weight of the banner.

Getting Started – Add a Banner (Video)

Updated on December 7, 2023

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