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Ads4WiFi Operator startup guide

  1. Create Landing Page
    • A landing page may be used by two methods:
      1. A microsite for your customer – You may create a well designed landing page for your customer without having to do it through their website. If this is your intention, you do not need to follow the steps below.
      2. Advertising landing page, as guests log onto WiFi; trackable, clickable, pre and post authentication ads may be displayed to them. If this is your intention, please follow ALL of the steps below.
  2. Create Advertiser
    • This step is needed in order to be able to differentiate the efficiency of the ad and to give access to the reporting and creative being displayed.
  3. Create Advertiser User
    • This is how you will give access to your customer/venue or advertiser to update the image that is being displayed at the venue. Customer/Venue – You may sell Ads4WiFi to your customer and let them handle the importation of Ads because you are not managing the network for them. You simply have them a tool for them to display what they wish. You may give your customer access to update their ad and view the reports. If they are working with an advertiser, they will need to share the reporting with them as they will not be able to access the advertiser dashboard.
    • Advertiser – You may be managing the ads network, therefor, you are working directly with the Advertiser/Agency, you may give them access to update their ad and view the reports.
  4. Create AdSpace(s)
    • This step will determine the type and the size of the creative.
  5. Place AdSpace on Landing Page
    • This step will show you how to to inject a trackable, clickable ad on the landing/advertising page.
  6. Create Campaign(s)
  7. Link Campaign to AdSpace
  8. Create Banner(s)

Please see the Advertiser Dashboard article for more information on the available features for Advertiser Users.

Updated on May 19, 2021
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