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Ads4WiFi Getting Started Guide

Welcome to Ads4WiFi

The Ads4WiFi Platform was designed to make your life EASY and to help you monetize your WiFI Hotspots. You can accomplish this in 2 ways:
1. By selling advertising on your Hotspots using our landing (redirect) page creator, our Advertising Manager, our Campaign manager, our Banner and Video Banner manager and our powerful reporting tools.

2. By allowing US to broker your Hotspots to advertisers that might want to promote to guests that login to WiFi at your hotspot or hotzone venues.

Ads4WiFi is a complete advertising management platform and advertising delivery platform, specifically designed for WiFi Hotspot operators! We are not like other ad brokerage companies or ad server systems. Why? Because we focus 100% on WiFi hotspots and NOTHING else.

The Ads4WiFi Dashboard contains all of the elements you’ll need to easily manage your own ad campaigns, or simply create landing pages and open up Ad Spaces for US to sell for you.

Ads4WiFi Heirarchy:

The image below will show you the heirarchy of the elements of the Ads4WiFi system. These elements will all be used to deliver advertisements on your hotspots or hotzones. Check out some of our videos to get familiar with each of the elements and features. Don’t be afraid to PLAY AROUND WITH THE FEATURES to help you learn how easy it really is!

Ads4WiFi Heirarchy
Ads4WiFi Heirarchy

5 Minute Quick Start Video:


Step 1: Create a Landing Page

Step 2: Add Your Hotspot List (when creating the Hotspot, use the pull-down to select which landing page this Hotspot will point to)

Step 3: Create Ad Spaces

Step 4: Edit the landing page and place each Ad Space code into the page (It will be listed in the pull-down)

Step 5: Add an advertiser

Step 6: Create a Campaign for the advertiser

Step 7: Add a Banner to the Campaign.

Updated on January 31, 2019
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